By the way, Can You Survive an RPG Game?

Okay, so today we’re gonna be playing: “Can You survive an RPG game?” hEy Well basically, I mean, we all play games but, what if we were actually in them? What if we’re playing- I don’t know- Maplestory, and then all of a sudden, BOOM, we’re the characters within Maplestory, or BOOM, we’re the characters in World of Warcraft, Do you think you guys can survive it? No… The question isn’t if I can survive it, the question is: Can everyone else survive me? [laughing] Get REKT, I’m gonna kill all you guys- get out of my way Hosuh!

No- wait- I think it’s- it’s actually so easy to survive, Just don’t- go out into the freaking wild- Daniel: Just become an NPC Hosuh: Stay in town, Just stay in town! That’s awful, what if PVP was allowed and people level up and come back to you and start- like- just stabbing you for fun? Okay, you know what? Let me- let me set the scene. One day, you wake up, Everything’s cartoony, you’re not wearing anything for some reason, and then your mom- who- for some reason, white – comes into your room, And says: “Hey protagonist! Wake up!

You need to go hunt me some slimes!” Wait wait, what are slimes H: What do you need slimes for? S: Yeah So- So- you being a good Protagonist son, get dressed up, pick up your sword, your arrows, and your magical wand (Whichever you guys prefer) and you go out to hunt some slimes. you- you see a slime what do you do? S: What?

H: MHM? S: I- I- don’t know, if I saw a sentient slime, just on the ground? Just- Just a reg- like a slime monster basically H: Yeah, but slimes are- S:Wha- what? I’m so confused, what class am I? What special abilities do I have?

H: Oh-Yo- Need to set out- like- set a… job or something, we should do that first Ooh, I like dead things.. [real casual] So I’ll be a Necromancer, let’s do this Uhmm… I used to be a support, uhm.. I’m a Healer I.. Useless garbage. What!?

Who- Who’s gonna heal you when you are armless? What about you Daniel? I’m- I’m the- I’m the- I’m the- story teller, But You Know What?

Yeah, I’ll play along, I wanna be a warrior (knight), I mean, technically we are just beginning so we haven’t really picked our classes yet, so both of you guys have… a sword because none of you guys really have picked the class yet.. Stephen’s a Necromancer wannabe, Hosuh’s a Healer wannabe and I’m a warrior wannabe, but technically, we’re all a bunch of noobs So you guys see a slime, what do you do? I don’t know, I wanna see what it tastes like- I’ve always wanted to know what a slime would taste like. Do you think it’d be like Jello? Because they’re usually green, right?

And Jello is lime green sometimes Isn’t slime like, an Acidic Monster where.. it consumes like, a Rat and that it slowly dissolves the rat’s body In-inside it? WHAT!? Really?

[Laughing] So if you were to taste it, like m-mm, I don’t think I wanna taste that Um well your mom wanted- You know what? No, I’m gonna have my own adventure I’m gonna go into town and talk to an NPC. Screw the slime! [Laughing] [Poor slime..] [Still amused] Okay, what about you, Hosuh? You’re on your own, Stephen left you. He’s like “Oh?

Look! An NPC!” He ran off [Laughing] Screw what my mom wants, she’s not even my real mom! Yeah, she’s WHITE. [Laughing] Yes, exactly!

Okay, well, I- I- thought slimes are very resistant to.. like, slicing weapons? Use fire. D: Fire, okay. I’m gonna roll for you. S: What? We’re- We’re literally playing Dungeons and Dragons now.

D: Yes, basically So like, you guys can say something, either it’ll work or it won’t. You rolled a one So you used fire, But then turns out this slime’s immune to fire It dodges really easily, the slime attacks you, you get damaged a little bit, You fall back, trying to recover, and then you stand up, what do you do? Okay, let’s hit it, whatever Where is this going? Okay Well I know where Stephen’s going, and that’s into town, are there any NPCs here? I rolled for that question, You gotta one Wow, all the NPCs are gone for some reason, whenever you try to get close to an NPC, they just run away. They’re running away knowing that you- you- want to be a Necromancer, and one day you’ll try to revive them or something Yeah!

I mean, like, how else am I supposed to get an army? I can’t use monsters right now, they’re too strong I have to kill, like, human things Then, uh, so there’s no NPCs in town, Stephen looks at the ground dejected All right well, while Stephen’s in the town being all lonely Hosuh’s still having a super epic battle against a slime Daniel, what are you gonna do? I need help Okay. Then, an amazing man named Daniel Comes Out of nowhere, with the long sword on his one hand and a shield on his other- [laughs] and he yells “JUSTICE!!!!” as he runs up to the slime and he attacks And I’ll roll..

He gets a four! CRITICAL ATTACK! I SWEAR I’M NOT MAKING THESE- I’M NOT MAKING THESE DICE UP, I’M ROLLING and I’m GETTING THESE i’M NOT- I will screenshot all of this!! I attack, the slime gets hit The slime’s cut into half and it can’t recover, and it just DIES.

[fake Cough] Stop sucking your own dick so hard. [Laughing] Ehh..Okay well then, I’m gonna take the slime, because I need to give it to my own mom, and I’m gonna run away, ’cause I don’t wanna deal with Hos- sharing it with Hosuh What- wait- okay… Mm.. [lonely Hosuh] So I find Hosuh again, right, you know what’s gonna happen, right? Daniel’s just gonna betray us, we- we gon’ betray him first oHhH Oh, so wait, what do you suggest? We need to go and steal these slimes.. No, I suggest we change our classes to like, some sort of Assassin, kill him, and then switch back to Necromancer You have a better idea, Hosuh!?

H: Alright, so let’s do it S: Didn’t think soOO H: Can we do that? S: I’m gonna do it regardless! Stephen sneaks up behind Daniel, oH, you got six [chuckling] yAAAAAHHHHHHH! [Laughs] [reading and laughing] Stephen successfully stabs Daniel in the back fifteen times. Daniel is dead.

[laughing] Stephen changes back to his necromancer form Revives Daniel as his own minion [Laughing harder] gOSH DaRN IT [Laughing] He wins! See, Now there you go, I have my own Dan.. Now the story’s gonna go how I want to, I have the narrator on my side [Laughing] [KSJDFGNSKJHAHAHSKEJ] Alright, so Stephen, what’s our next course of action? Oh, we need to give this slime to..your mom S: Yeah.

D: [Laughing again] H: My mom.. D- Daniel’s Mom is in complete shock Doesn’t know what to do Daniel’s Mom turns into a mob boss, and now you got to fight Daniel’s mom [Laughing] What do you do? I say, ‘cuz it’s a boss, we have to run. So I use Daniel as a meat shield so- so we run away. I roll nope you get a two- You failed Daniel Runs Up to his mom Hugging his mom with his full embrace, they’re in love once again and they’re turning back to you to attack you Even Convinient is Betrayed You do i have an Exploding Minion spell for This you get a 1 critical Fail Daniel Explodes but an Explosion he attacks stephen as well Stephen gets Critically Damaged and I’m gonna Heal in your eyes i roll for That 5, Oh you Heal stephen Successfully i’m so good at This So wait so then How do we Beat This boss we don’t even know how it attacks Oh Shit We Should Run Away Run Away fine i’ll roll for ya Run Away you get a 1 you guys both fall, Dan’s mom Picks both of you Up and eats Both of You game is over start Over [laughing] You mean- What the heck?! D: Wow so- H: What a terrible game!

D: So- It’s the best game i’ve ever Played Let’s do D: Second Round You Wake Up and your mom who’s Black This time comes Up to you and tells you to go hunt some Boars H: Boars? Hmm ok This time so you grab Your sword and you’re ready to go you party Up with Your friends Daniel Hosa and Stephen and you go on your adventure ( A jojo’s reference shows up) (It’s still here)

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