By the way, Can You Survive RPG game? | Part 3 – Journey to the North Podcast

[Last episode on : Can You Survive an RPG Game] Random NPC: “Help! My- My husband is in danger!” Daniel: Uh- [NPC chokes and dies] lel [Snickering] Hosuh: Ma’am are you okay- [inaudible talking] [Shameless laughing] D, while laughing: Ma’am are you okay? Annabelle (Ann for short): Hi Them: Uh..hello A: Do you guys wanna go find, Santa Claus? D: Okay… H, snickering: Let’s do that yeah A: Yeah, let’s go!

D: Stephen, do you wanna– do you wanna resurrect that woman? [more snickering] Stephen: I don’t know. She seemed kind of useless asking other people for help I want people who can stand on their own two feet, so let’s go D: Today we’re gonna be playing Can You Survive an RPG game I get that this is part 3– I don’t know It’s– I think it’s a Christmas edition?

Like a Christmas special Basically, it’s our own little version of Dungeons and Dragons But with the Christmas twist This video is actually not gonna be animated or drawn by Hosuh There’re a couple sketches every ten minutes or so Which is done by a lot of people which you guys should check out in the description below Otherwise go grab some popcorn, sit back, get some tea, put some Christmas carols on because today we’re gonna go to a small village and the north side on a faraway land Also, like Hosuh said if this video is bad It’s not going on the internet So if you guys are listening to this this must be pretty good. So stick around to the end yeah H, laughing: Alright… Oh yeah we also have a guest, by the way, right? A: Ayyy D, scoffing: Disgusting A, offended: Oh- uh I’m not here for you anyways. I’m here for the cute innocent Hosuh and the– and the relatable Stephen [cackling] D: Oh and Ann’s joining us today, and she’s going to be playing a rogue Basically a thief or an assassin or whatever you want to call it. She steals things and kills things, all right? A, way too content: Sounds good D: Oh also you know we’re professional cuz we’re gonna be using D 20s today instead of D 6s S: Oh- oh my god, and will these not have such crappy RNG?

H: Finally, a D 20 [Laughing] D: Man, finally [Laughing] So the heroes travel up north for their first journey With hopes and excitement they pick up their backpacks and weapons and go to meet Santa Claus But after a long and weird travel they arrive at a small village All the houses are made of wood and have chimneys on top of them It’s a town where anyone would feel the Christmas spirit coming in. The kids are playing outside The adults are drinking beer and everybody’s just having a joyful time S: Wait so let me get this straight– the houses are made out of wood… …but they have chimneys D: Which is also made of wood A: Then the house will burn down… S: Yeah, how is this not just a town of fire at this point? D: You look at it, and you see a small innocent village, and it just certainly seems nice to just kind of rest, recharge Get ready to go on your next adventure to find Santa Claus S: Everyone looks innocent? D: So what’s your first move? D: What do you guys want to do?

Who do you want to talk to? S: I’d get out of town as fast as possible And there’s always an innocent town that always has some dark secret. That’s one thing I learned from One Piece Every nice thing is evil and we should run as soon as possible [Laughing] A, quietly: Weaboo.. H: For the sake of the story, I think we should stay Stephen S: Yeah, you know what? If everyone in horror movies stayed for story, they’d all be dead. Oh wait. They are dead Y’know how easy it would have been in just to say nope, big bucket of no no and run the other way “That haunted house over there.

Don’t go up it.” Okay. Sure wise stranger. I sure won’t go up it “Oh here, take this box.

It has demons so don’t open it.” Okay here take it back. I don’t want it Could’ve been solved so much easier if we didn’t do the stupid But you know what for argument’s sake and for a good storyline Stephen says kill someone. (Is that) What you want? Let’s find– [Confused and slightly baffled laughing] S: –a random NPC!

D: No no you can’t just say ‘Let’s have a good storyline’ and k-kill someone S: I’m gonna be the villain here– [unclear talking] D: It has not been a minute yet Stephen! [Laughing] S: I’m the bad guy in the story. I got this D: Daniel stops Stephen A: I have no idea what’s going on but I think it’s fine H: Okay… D: Hosuh what would you do H: All right.

So let’s go and ask someone where we could find a Santa Claus S: Yeah, who looks like the mayor. Yeah, looks like the mayor in this demon town D: Okay, so you see some kids, you see some– you see some adults drinking beer and you see in kind of these old folks playing chess D: Who do you go to ask questions? S: Not the old folks ’cause they’re obviously playing chess Then you can’t ask the adults cuz they’re drunk Cuz this is obviously a Christmas town and no one has anything better to do it seems. You know what let’s ask the children Can I kill children? Definitely not right? Okay fine.

I ask the children S: I think we should ask the children D: Daniel shuts up Stephen because Daniel knows that children are scared of Stephen D: Daniel pushes Ann forward to talk to the children A: But I wouldn’t talk to children. Like– Children are stupid I mean children are not very knowledgeable about Stuff Yeah H: Yeah but they also don’t hide anything D: True A: But then why don’t you ask the people who’s playing chess because they know– Okay first of all they’re playing chess It’s not it’s not like they’re playing minecraft or anything so That’s one reason why you should talk to someone who plays chess. A second grandmas and grandpas are nice H: I-I mean… A: Oh you disagree?! D: Ann goes to talk to old people and Hosuh stays for the children S: WOW that sounded wrong A: Hosuh you’re very shady Why do you want children so badly H: Oh okay let’s go ask the old people then! D: Alright don’t even look at you D: You guys walk up to the old people They don’t even look at ya D: They’re playing chess. H: Oh wow who would have thought that would have happened.

Oh, wait–! A: They’re concentrated you gotta wait for them to finish A: Respect your elders! S: Throw their game over the side D: Okay, I’ll roll for that D: Ooh fourteen! You push the chess off the table the old gentleman looks over says “Huh kid. You got spunk” “I like that.

What do you want?” [Ann laughing in the background] [More laughing] S: Oh my god S: STEPHEN WINS! Hey, can you tell us a little bit about this town, and why is everyone so…nice Even though you’re all demons, all devil children D, as the old man: “Well a lot of travelers come and go but this is just a small town up north” “and” “There is this myth that Santa Claus does live nearby and so we’re all just cheerful when it comes to Christmas season” S: ‘So you are demons!’

I say as I pull out my sword, dagger. Whatever weapon I have I don’t know S: What do I have? D: You’re a necromancer you have a freaking staff S: Oh my god.

I pull out Daniel’s sword D: I’m gonna– as a DM. I’m gonna stop that Just take a step back just a moment here Just uh Stephen you don’t have– to like you don’t have to kill every person you meet you know that right? S: But I don’t have to NOT kill them. Aaahh S: Fine…follow Hosuh or whatever all right, so I don’t kill them H: Our journey is to go and meet Santa Claus ourselves H: Right, so, I’ll ask the elders D:Okay H: Do you know where we could find Santa Claus? D: I’ll roll for that.

You got a six. H: Oh D: The old man looks over, just stares at you blankly says “You ain’t got no spunk” *Laughing* D: Ask the old man a question A: Oh, what are we supposed to ask? “Hey old man,” A: “Where is Santa?” D: I roll for that you get a one. Oh my gosh. A: Isn’t that good D: One out of twenty is the worst A: But it’s rolling at dice So it’s like you’re moving in a board game like monopoly you take one space slowly D: No, the rolls give you the chance to be successful all right the higher D: It is the more success you can get A: Oh, so what what happens to me now D: The old man says– The old man looks at you and goes “What are you woman?”

S: That’s– that sexist S: Wait wouldn’t we get false information then? D: Yeah, so this might be true or not But they say Legends has it that travelers come up here And they get ready to go somewhere else to find, Santa but then they never come back. S: Well that part’s true. Oh my god Why else would they say that?

Ughh. It’s like you just want us to killed Santa cuz he’s obviously a demon. A: Oh, yeah, what does a demon to you Steven? D: Then sudden these small snowflakes start to fall from the sky You look up to see snow, but there aren’t any clouds.

S: Is Santa attacking? Oh my god! I just want to stab someone so I can get zombies D: Just- Just a- Just a sleigh? Wait a sleigh? You squint your eyes to look closer, and you see this fat old man with a white beard, whipping reindeers to fly. He starts throwing small presents from the air.

A: Ayyy. S: They’re obviously bombs! D: But the presents as they get closer and closer you realize They’re- they’re huge! They’re 1 cubic meter presents falling from the sky!

Dozens and dozens all throughout the town They smashed the ground making thunderous noises. A: Can Steven shoot people out of the sky? S: Yeah, do I have any ranged projectile attacks? D: Um… No, you don’t. S: Well GG A: Wait, what does Stephen use? D: He’s a necromancer.

A: Can he like… throw his staff at them? D: He’s a necromancer. A: Can he like… throw his staff at them? HE THROWS HIS STAFF?! *Snickering* S: Yo, these are destroying the town right?

I let it happen, because with more dead people, more dead bodies to reanimate! I don’t have to kill them, so it’s technically not morally wrong! H: Ya can’t do that. D: As dust settles, Santa disappears. The kids are excited, the adults are dumbfounded, and the old men got heart attacks.

The kids want to open the present really badly! Do you stop them? Do you open it with them? What do you do?

H: Let’s open it with them. I’m actually getting excited. S: Wait! Wait- wait- whoa- whoa- whoa!

Wait a second, did anyone die from this encounter? D: NOPE! Not yet.

S: Okay, okay. I think we should leave them because obviously Inside is going to be some sort of zombie, and as soon as you open it’s gonna bite a kid. You know what?

Yeah, I let the kids open it. You know what, I let the kids open it. A: I say, I’ll just WATCH them go on fire. D: “Let’s open one!” the kid says, and they unpack it. It’s a bomb, a time bomb!

Ten, nine, eight… seven, six, five, four, three… *panicking* Two! One! *more panicking* Okay! Whole severals- with one second l-left, Hosuh rolls for a shield, HE GETS A TWO! He fails, they EXPLODE!

*BOOM* *even MORE panicking* One by one, each present explodes, Destroying all the houses. The kids fly over, arms and limbs flying everywhere! S: Change that cuz I don’t think we should have kids dying in this… D: … Old MAN died! Kid’s fly over, and everybody just- D: No, NO HOSUH! DANIEL, NO! No- no kid parts fly anywhere!

D: Okay. Lots of explosions, people are injured people, like there are so many casualties. The town is completely destroyed, and the dust settles once again. H: Are we damaged from this? D: No, because you guys stayed back to let the children open the- -DFFPH *laughing* A: Ayyy S: We’re monsters! D: You guys are the worst.

A: *inaudible* I had nothing to do with this. Look at his evil laughter! He’s just continuing to laugh! H: Okay, I’m- I’m gonna spend some turns healing whoever been injured apparently. A: But they’re dead, you can’t heal a dead person, Stephen, Are you gonna let them revive people?

I don’t think so. S: Technically these people have not done anything to me, so I will just ravage they’re dead H: Stephen Stephen can raise his dead people. I will if they’re dead I guess Roll for Steve instead yes 2000 I get everyone in the town even the non dead people sorry. Haha GG no Riya Alright, since Stephen got a 20 and 20s are rare. I am going to give him this I was gonna say no, but I mean the dice have spoken The limbs and parts of human flesh all combined into this 5 metre tall flesh with skeleton blood all mixed together and conjured up into a Dead living thing and just for the Christmas spirit.

Let’s put a Santa hat on him Notice we still is this supposed to be a Christmas punch. Oh, so I I conjure my spell with Christmas carols And as Stephens conjuring up the dead and host is healing people and goes to loot some goods. Good goodies Ok and what do you want to do? I want money sounds good. I’ll roll it another 20.

What’s? Any good as she just walks by just walking walking as people are bleeding Screaming and crying and she just no wisp whistling walkin, and she sees a bank blown up to pieces as she walks up Looks down, and she’s move. What is this? It’s a blade and it’s glowing It’s almost like it’s calling her name It’s obviously some cancer-causing material bow let and keep going what I always wanted to road that She Picks it up.

It makes her body blow for a second and it disappears She’s not sure what it quite does, but she thinks she should keep it wait So it literally went inside her no no it blow disappear the glow disappeared Oh, yeah, I started going with the thing yeah when you picked it up. I think it’s like a legendary item That’s right wait can I kill my party members? From now on whenever an uses attacks with that weapon it’ll be a +5 We need to get the santa claus or something yeah Any supplies and information now because yeah a terrorist attack has happened Let’s just find someone who can help us now because they’re all easily wanting to kill Santa so we’re they’re gonna give us our quest Yeah, survivors. Let’s hope that they are not little around quickly I roll a 12 yeah, that’s okay suppose that looks around and Somebody moans Hosuh runs up gives him a quick heal. He looks up He says was that-was that really Santa Claus Hosuh says yeah, yeah, I think so He says you know if there is a Santa Claus, and there is two paths you can take The one path leads to the frosty frozen forest The other path leads to the candy cane Kingdom wait if I necromancer one Do they have all their memories intact?

But this guy isn’t dead oh I’d kill him I Won’t allow it Daniel the man of justice stops and the all day long at this point it just stops David Daniel tasty enough damn you Daniel Alright guys, where are we going? Are we going to take candy cane Kingdom or are we gonna go check out the trusty? frozen forest Forest Lake I don’t know I feel like if we go to the kingdom it’ll be bombed as well Cuz after all didn’t Santa come from that way hmm I feel like he’s just attacking villages for no reason so if we do go there They probably will have a lot more dead people let’s go into Candy Kingdom I Think we will get more clues if we go to the bigger town video city. I think yeah, okay We don’t know what to expect in the past thing yet right exactly you could have an NPC who actually gives us information Because oh it’s actually not Santa. It’s a some devil possessing Santa please free him instead Wait was that what I’m just tagging along as long as I can get stuff You know at the end of this quest just gonna be an with bunch of stuff So with this knowledge you all decide to go to the candy cane Kingdom It’s up north. They say you’re not really sure what that means but Steven hosted annual man packs up their stuff and continues their journey as they walk by a completely Destroyed town about a day passed and then from a far distance you hear that music cheerful Christmasy Constantly singing the same tune so kind of music.

Oh my god Santa replaced the whole town with the robots Go check it out obviously yeah, okay, let’s go check it. Let’s go Okay, so you walk and walk and walk and you start to see it’s not a kingdom it’s almost like a huge factory you See these little tiny people With stripes on their bodies and a little pointy hat on their tops. They’re all singing They’re all smiling and they see you and they say welcome to candy cane Kingdom. What can we do for you? We want to see toy factories you want to know more about Santa Claus you wanna you want some toys Do you what what would you like?

Wait that was oh, that was so specific. Do you wanna learn more about Santa Claus? Yeah?

Yeah, you want let’s let’s go with that option Are you sure about that it could be a treasure I do You can’t get trapped from information, but that doesn’t make sense Let’s go with that. We’ll ask yes. Please tell us more about Santa Claus Santa Claus is he is the most jolly and happy and lovable man.

You’ll ever see ooh We all love Santa Claus and Santa sounds like he’s sucking Santa’s dick. You want to go see some toys at the toy factory I Mean like we could also just say no. Thanks. You creepy pedophile, and then just run the other way or stab him Let’s stab him can Steven stab this NPC Role for that 15 Steven somehow already stoles Daniels sword again somehow and then stabs the elf the elf screams for a second But then with shivering cut he’s trembling he’s holding his stomach, but he looks up again it says Welcome to candy cane Kingdom Can I stab him again, no wait Okay See our toy factory or learn more about Santa Claus We’re all so happy here Is he is he dying?

It’s easy easy your deliv is he dying is he bleeding he’s bleeding okay, so he’s not a robot I Think they’re all brainwashed. Oh dicks. I just stabbed an innocent elf. Oh my god that I hope he’s not watching So from this information we know for a fact that the elves are brainwashed by something and The information that we just received is a false information, right? Maybe someone made them Brainwashed so that they say okay Santa’s a good person and all that obviously Santa because how else would have benefit from this hmm When the other elves see this they take the stabbed elf away not even attacking us No woo hoo no repercussions And they all continue their day as if nothing happened This is scary I’m scared Yeah, is there like a big big main office that we can see from our position Yeah, so the toy factory has a main gate that you can walk into huh huh, okay?

Let’s do this As long as I can get stuff, let’s find another elf there are tons of elves around a Steve it I Can’t necromancer some so that’s the problem like they keep getting carted away before I can just use them You’re pointing killing people if I can’t use their dead bodies as my weapons Stevens the type of person that gets a Coca Cola bottle Empties a coke and says wow now I can recycle this Anyway so Anne walks up to a kind of more important looking type of elytis he has like a He has like a little checklist that he goes through he’s looking around seems like he’s kind of the manager of the place mr. Elf um Wait what we asked him already about Santa List is mr.. Elf. What’s the most valuable thing in this candy cane Kingdom places? Haha, oh, can I just ask him. What are you? What is he doing?

What are you doing? What’s up? Ma’am?

Who me that’s good home skillet? We’re preparing for Christmas because we all love Santa man Santa’s so Joyful and he’s so happy and he’s such a great guy you want to come see our toy factory. No You’re lying tell us the truth I’m sorry, but we have our complimentary candy canes if you want to come and see have a free tour of our toy factory Steven I think we should stop I think so too you what you go ahead and you attack with your dagger that does extra damage Whoa, okay, okay? I wanna kill him.

Hey doodles attack him She say stab me stab stab stab You stab stab seventy haha and Stabs the elf again, that’s the second elf you guys stabbed in five minutes that you’ve been here, okay? Heroes you guys aren’t heroes you guys are like villains at this point Okay, so what happens to the elf does he do the same thing guess he doesn’t get carted away the elf starts bleeding you cops up they by the way the elves have blue blood instead of red he cops off blue blood and Easily grabs his stomach. He says that oh, that’s that’s okay. We still have our toy factory if you want it. Oh My god.

Yeah, the toy factory is a euphemism for like mind control Brainwashing thing hey, so we shouldn’t go inside. We should bomb it we’re Santa’s bombs do we have bombs from last time I’m afraid of sending my zombie inside. Yeah, we still have the zombies Yeah, no, but what happens if he gets brainwashed too.

Oh Yuck we can’t Have the Slovenians Vallois, why don’t I strategically plant him while he gets information for us JK That’s a stupid idea. You know what yes. You know I send my zombie into the toy factory then let’s see what happens Another help comes right it will say oh So I heard you guys have a toy factory. Can we check it out? Oh, yeah our toy factories right over here come come, okay, so I send my zombie and while we go talk to other people Actually, let’s put a HOSA first cuz I feel my way. She can’t really do much damage stuff.

I mean like he could heal us even though he’s brainwashed you stay here there you guys are gonna fine you I Steven goes in with a zombie you want frontline this as As as you’re about to go in an elf with this really rag like clothing That’s kind of Comus covering his forehead in his eyes says hey Go over here Do you ignore him follow him or do you go? Just inside the toy factory. It’s just a drill no no No, he’s not talking like the other elves. He’s obviously not brainwashed Let’s follow him UI he can’t be I don’t think we should stab him.

I think we just follow this kid He seems like he’s not brainwashed or at least he got on brainwash Or he wants to somehow start a revolution ass flare as follows revolutionising l so you let the zombie follow the the Elves and the elves then doesn’t even seem to notice difference you three start to follow this rag elf And you follow him and some reason everything else seems so magical and special But when you turned around to the corner things seem a little bit more desolate the place seems more dark It feels like it’s an older town, and then you guys walk into a house And then they turn go down to a basement turn right again into little quarter And then a room now when you went into the room there was what there was a bunch of elves But there was one old looking elf now he seemed like he was a thousand years old and they all just stare at you So I probably shouldn’t kill this one. He sounds important. Yeah, don’t do that and let’s not kill this one Well what if they like rate us it’s like five hundred of them versus us or like a room full of elves faces us mm I think we should kill everyone except for the old man and the guy who brought I agree for once yo killing is not the answer in this case Yeah, so then you know, it’s wisdom Power is not indiscriminately killing power is knowing when to kill and this is not one of those times If these owls attack you I’m ally I’m just gonna stand next to the door Constantly looking around making sure nothing’s going on Stephen opens his mouth, but then the old elf starts talking it says instead. Okay, screw you too The elder elf Explains that Santa has started using robots to manufacture his toys Pay and living conditions became unmanageable for the elves so they tried to form a union But they wait is this a metaphor for communism You’re literally trying to shove communism down our throats host Daniel Unacceptable what would Jesus do? That’s a side question, okay, let’s not spoil Then that’s when things start to go south One day one elf and another started disappearing Turns out Santa has been feeding some of the elves to the reindeers oh God that’s gross so the ones.

I just killed I pretty much fed, two reindeers. Oh my god and WordGirl regarded all Is there a suicide option in this game? Just just to make sure I can take all your stuff right I Want your zombie anywhere information from the old man the old man says you heroes have to save us Although you killed two of our people, Santa killed thousands They’re all afraid they’re too afraid to answer any differently they all just Even at the face of death a lot of fear has poisoned them to the extent oh So they’re corrupted already, so I don’t feel that bad. Haha wow I can’t believe I have more morality in someone and their suffering Please end their suffering the way and is asking You Stephen as my inspiration of killing if you think I’m an inspiration you might wanna Ask Where do we find Santa he went up to the frosty frozen forest or he can be protected by the golems? Okay, that sounds insanely difficult I’m necromancer robots are they techno no already had so I need like Oh So I guess forgot to find more flesh things to use even no That’s a good question. What should we do then suddenly an elf screams?

Reindeers and impose all the elves start panicking they hide their children people run into that corridor People stall the elves hide in the corners of all the basements they can find and you hear from up above Who’s? Smashing down to the ground okay Are they outside the door? Where’s my zombie? Can I just recall my zombie no zombies having a blast at the toy factory oh?

The zombie just having the time of his life, man, I mean his his death So I can’t even control him anymore Well penis okay, now. You can stay hide or you can come out in fights. I have nothing to fight with How many Rangers are there so there’s eight reindeers in total Dasher dancer Prancer vixen comet Cupid dunder and blixem also, Rudolph being an Inclusion so nine eight side reindeers and one main dude shoot do we know if Santa knows that this place? exists or like the elder goes Okay, let’s all be quiet Steven be quiet and for the next five minutes You hear screams you hear children running away? Daniel can’t take this anymore.

He runs out. Oh my god of course Stupid you what you want good. I hope he dies so that I can get a body to resurrect and actually use the fight Jesus are the rest of us just hiding oh, it’s your choice We have to follow them you what spirit we have to follow them do I have any offensive skills or am I just like?

Based on my zombies Rudolph looks at you and with this red nose. He attacks. He goes for the blind Know pretty much, just like tried to blind us Okay, this bright red nose rudolph release nineteen stevens blind Well dicks hey n do you want to help me hey. I want to chop off Rudolph’s nose Fine then you are care my zombies can see for me alright wholesome, what do you do? Go alright, and what do you do the solar blinded right now our auras only Stephen blinded? Okay While the Rudolph was attacking Stephen now on a run up to there Rudolph and chopped his nose off If we kill the boss duet does everyone else retreat Oreo do we still have to kill everyone else to like the other adults?

It’s oh my god. It’s Rudolph his nose is controlling people. This is the oh my god do it Right you roll the thirteen, but now you’re using that dagger So it’s plus five so that’s 18 woo such a good and that’s a critical hit. That’s a good dagger I didn’t realize plus five is gonna be this good anyway While the Rudolph’s blinding Steven and Stevens grabbing his eyes crying to mommy Jumps and gets on top of the reindeer she holds onto Antler with one hand and she grabs a dagger with the other and she goes through the nose, but Rudolph knows. What’s up He tries to avoid these swings left He swings right and misses the nose, but does manage to get him in the stomach and she pulls it down, and she she stabs And Rudolph is damaged severely, okay, it seems like if you can get him two more times like that He’s gonna fall Did we win Steven yes get into the role Okay, well, I guess my only option right now is to give Steven a Status repellent repellent off I mean like you could also attack the Ranger Corsa attack the reindeer first No, no you have such bad rules. I don’t think you Can only not see but he can’t hear anything as well Sense is one play one huh where’d everyone go For the first time in a long time Steven is that peace There is no peace unless I can hear myself I Can’t hear you Wait I’m pretty sure wait like Ralph is controlling everyone So why don’t we just kill him the other Ranger isn’t right now, but you want.

I like this prospect of having reindeer slaves continue continue Let’s end this says Daniel, and he he rolls It’s a three daniel slips falls and then faints Okay I think you have to carry us I like caroline’s or it off snow, so I would attack the nose again. Okay again, I see 18 plus 5 Thats 20 plus his critical hit This time and manages to get the nose she cuts off the nose and it continues to glow She likes to destroy we have to drive she puts it in her pocket acts like nothing happened Oh my god, and I swear to god. I’ll kill you right now Shiny around Okay is it mature oh? No, I gotta talk about this as an looks at that nose and since it’s shiny and round Rudolph is behind Screaming that his nose has been cut off Splattering Wait whoa wait we’re Santa Not you’re Santa Santa’s at the frosty something poor mices Ranger. Why would he go? Why we Neela’s transportation go without him?

as Rudolph is screaming you hear a thump and another thump and another thump Fight me Santa. Where are you? Steven okay, you know it time has time has passed enough Stevens stuff is gone now. He can see it He needs to participate Oh To see bloodied up and holding a read Over this Luke the look suits you an let’s see let’s do our best work Like You guys look up and a shadowy figure 10 meters tall is Looking down he all he says is ho ho ho We was Steven guys what about Steven? He doesn’t he get acknowledged, just HOSA unacceptable Take it Steven stands his ground and calls his minions to him.

Nope Steven. We need to run like right now, okay? oh My god fine fine Steven recalls as minions and just runs like hell While using just enough to hold off Santa Santa says you cut off Rudolph’s nose You have ruined Christmas I mean like you technically ruined Christmas when you drop bombs on people, but yeah, okay, sure we ruined Christmas he lifted his hand and Slammed it on to the ground it trembled the whole place You guys can knock the over dicks where my big zombie at? still having a blast filling the toy I Don’t have any sort of yeah.

Yeah, you what spirit let’s let’s do what Daniel wants cheap Evo For each of us, or it should be rule is to you wanna roll to that. I think we should roars like Collective, maybe okay, you guys got a four Yes, no. I think that’s that’s rule as a individual The first bad rule I get whatever okay? Steven trying to distract Santa, but then Little did Steven know Santa is also a wizard while dicks didn’t see that plot twist Know what Santa can do is he can read minds and manipulate them? He also has a huge bag that contains just about everything not only does Santa get rid of all the elves But Santa goes into me goes deep into Stevens mind Suddenly the screen changes to a flashback of Steven’s background story Steven used to be a happy fellow. Not as hyper as Daniel, but at happiness in his life Why don’t I remember this she actually had a wife named?

You wanna know? What’s your wife’s name Steven? I don’t know Let’s say Tanisha You know wife she actually had a wife named Tanisha and a daughter named You see so the point of a DM is so that you can make up a story no does this per day I want you to choose Ted Because he wanted a boy However they all died from an ogre attack okay to this day He practices necromancy in the hopes that one day He could resurrect his family completely Wow he’s trying to make me a relatable character The screen comes back from the Stevens background story Stevens like what the fudge, I didn’t even know I had that kind of story in me But he’s now all Steven now all days from this manipulation Santa just caused I’m gonna run so Rules for that 15 Xhosa runs away like a cactus on a tree Yes, sure. He’s gone Wow all your damage will be so useful in the factory Xhosa Runs into the factory he sees the zombie zombies having a little bit too much fun Okay, so if my zombies getting his dick sucked.

He’s getting exploded right then in there That’s not Just kill Santa it’s not that all I’m trying to oh my god Next turn I’m gonna bring those army back yeah fine, and what do you do I? Want Santa’s hat Okay But if I have their own red nose that controls all the reindeers can I control all the reindeers if I have it? mm-hmm Your goal for that 13 well I guess I guess he can I yeah sure I’ll allow it oh, I want all Iranians to stomp on Santa should Danner and Orders the reindeers to stomp on Santa the Rangers fly up and up and up and then they Fly down towards Santa they smash into him they stomp on him, and they steal his house hat for some reason How are you kid gonna carry you that giant? The Ranger drops it on an covers her whole body. You know that giant Andros. Oh my god Interestingly enough Santa seems to be way more damage than you expected Oh, that’s weird.

It seems like if you hit it one more time. You might be down Daniel gets up out of nowhere He says Oh Santa I love your work, but let me attack your real quick he rolls an 8. He misses ok Wow Wait aren’t I bring washed or white white I’m confused.

No. You’re just based from the from Santa bringing up um Steven tries Castillon something He’ll I don’t know aren’t I days. I don’t know what I’m doing you got 17.

Okay. I Castillon something yes You kissed a girl on a dead L Phoebe comes back to life Wow good for you, okay? So we good, right?

: okay, Oh dick, so why did you do that first? Yeah? I’m gonna do that but you just went in did you stop GG no re Y’all even care my conscience is cleared for the entire game. I can murder whoever I want now Xhosa takes a jingle bell.

He jingles the bell on the zombie follow them jingle these balls Okay side note. By the way if anyone ever asks us to do live stream this man is why we can’t This this thing that you see right there called Steven. He is the problem to our live streaming business So wait yeah, so I come back with the column with the five meter tall gone yet, okay, I was gonna buff up Finally playing his role right you get a six you failed What should I do I think I think we should interrogate Santa interrogate Santa I want Santa’s boot Let me necromancy Just strip him naked. Why don’t you a good idea?

That’s what we’re going through no 19 okay Wow okay Wow and Literally the most wrong thing I’ve ever seen Freakin Anne’s eyes suddenly turns red and she dashes and Jumps almost like a ninja behind Santa’s back and cuts off his legs and takes the boots The whole way She wasn’t about to take him off hard this is Santa screaming falls on to his knees and with his last strength he He fails to attack he rosal to he fails to attack and he falls to the ground You guys have yet to use that stupid gun Daniel gets up he walks up close and asks, so why’d you do it. Why’d you bomb the village? Why’d you cause all this Santa goes, but what do you mean?

You’d Christmas yeah? We just literally killed Santa I think we would have ruined Christmas Thank you wait. What do you mean? We ruined Christmas? It means that not only did you kill me, but you let those people survive And they they trick people they take innocent lives families parents that try to find me and they they Steal their things and they murdered them And they steal their organs those people needed to be stopped so I bombed what do you mean those people? the villagers Wait aren’t you from the village the?

Villagers oh my god that village with the old people. Oh my god, what let’s go kill them right now Wait are there any like So basically what just happened was we killed Santa the Santa’s saying that he had to kill the villagers because they They took advantage of tourists. They stole their things they left them to die and this northern freezing cold and like Santa had to bring justice justice to them so The village that we came from aren’t actually good people guess not I mean Santa might be lying I don’t know I would believe Santa elves any day, and they also wouldn’t tell us anything, so I’m pretty sure it’s them the Elves are the ability elves in the village place the one where we started from the shady with the shady one oh my gosh, I told you guys I Literally said if these elves are sure. Yeah, we should just kill us, please Wait no the the the first village were humans they were oh yeah has people The evil ones were in the Candy Land Candy oh the one underground Oh, those guys. Yeah, those guys were.

Oh my god. How do we find them? How do we kill them?

Santa don’t die on us Cebu play wait right now You could either go try to revenge Santa or you could try to save Chris Oh? God can we can we kill them after we save Christmas Let’s do that Saving Christmas is a more pressing matter at this point you want let’s kill them leader you I want them to live in fear Knowing that way, but death is gonna come for them, and I will purify their impure lying bodies and minds The second coming of the Apocalypse So now I’ll save Christmas How do we save Christmas oh you gotta figure out some how to get all these presents from that toy factory to all the villages? In in this world and you have one night to do it crap crap crap, and you and you still have your ranger Right yes manipulate your elves correct Oh my god so let’s use my elves to get the presents on the Rangers somewhat and Just have them distribute them throughout the world wait. Yeah. Yeah, I think that’s the best course of action We can’t really do much. Oh wait okay.

No. I have a better plan Okay, okay, and has the Santa head right and put it on yes And we have so many elves under our control How about we make all those elves? Delivered instead of us mm-hmm then do one. I have to go along Probably look at them to make sure that they’re not like accidentally stumbling over some some random rock because you’re how hard is control that means else tough for that distance I mean just Tell them Situation guys Guys we accidentally killed your master the one that you all live in work for How many elves are in Xhosa, it’s supposed to be candy cane cane your shirt whatever There are thousands and thousands of elves so you set up this plan each elf is gonna Take one village and that’s enough to cover the whole land so each elf starts grabbing presents unfinished unboxed Covered in elf blood and elk blood and Santa blood now, but it’s okay There’s no time to fix this Steven also necromancer’s all the dead elves so some some houses or We’re visited by corpses Okay, that’s how the small packs became And somehow Throughout the night with panicking laughing and definitely not remembering all the dead people you killed Somehow managed to deliver all the presents in one night huh we did it now Steven finds those elves and Katz’s wave of death over the impure film Where are they?

Unfortunately because a night has passed They’re a bit too far away damn it Daniel smiled We saved Christmas I have elves all over the world right now. I can’t use them to find the elves Stephen takes a minute to ponder his situation and still arise at the same conclusions He still wants to murder the elves this this you want this will be a holiday tradition Zebra will come back to the spot every year every day on the same day and find those elves Eventually you want this will be a Christmas tradition you all let’s do this next year Stephen does it oh? Okay, all right well Well gee all right my gosh that done see you guys when we say we can’t do Dungeons and Dragons we aren’t being humble We can’t do You sound like Hitler dude Whole star Steven do you guys want to say anything to the audience before we hand? Merry Christmas guys know where the elves are please contact me at 6:04 7:03 35:35 please do what the heck that’s my folding. Oh actually no No, no just call me it’ll get to me. I will just like punched a few elves It’ll be my Christmas treats me and say anything I’m just happy with my Rudolph nose That’s my favorite uh-huh Oh it was this a comet for the for the Phil people Oh, I have some requests from you guys Make sure to drop Stephen riding a reindeer and him enjoying it well my pictures of Having sex with a ranger, I will not only quit discord I will quit everything you are reddit Facebook Tumblr none of that exists He likes it Stephen reaffirm Proud to be not a furry so which one of you is why is there anybody?

I don’t know the fans are know I’m not a fairy the fans are freaking okay Anyways Man I hope you guys have a really good Christmas honestly this past couple months have been really magical for us I hope it’s been magical for you guys, and honestly if you watch this far first of all Why? but second of all we want to hear from you like comment down ask us questions because People that was willing to watch this type of whole thing We won’t also take the time to respond and you know kind of interact you three guys a little bit more Tell us what to do give us suggestions or ask us questions. We’ll be around to comment for a couple hours, so yeah until next time bye right elves also subscribe

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