Hero Call or Donkey Call vs Bluff Committed

Hello everyone and welcome to the new installment of View on Poker. Today, our hand in the discussion is taken from the Cash Game Festival London 2017 and it’s a really interesting hand. So, let’s first watch the hand in play and then review and analyze it. Enjoy! Jon with A10 under the gun raises.

4 players call, including Will Kassouf who you may remember from the WSOP, the guy who got everyone crazy with his talking, getting under your skin type of strategy. Flop comes 3-4-5 with two diamonds, so every player has some kind of a hand, except for Eric with his J10 of hearts. Jose is first to act and he bets with a lot of options, catching an open-ended straight or a flush. Eric wisely folds, having nothing to look for in such a table, knowing that even a pair probably wouldn’t be enough on such a board. Terry decides to call with only 3 outs for a real improvement, catching the gut shot 6 for the straight.

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Kassouf folds as well, nothing to look for in such a board. Turn comes 8 of hearts which does not make a real difference at this point, with Jon still leading with his ace high, while Jose and Terry are still trying to improve their hands. Jose continues to bet, which is the right move here, knowing that a check would seem as weakness and call for bets from his opponents, so better be the aggressor, putting the pressure on your opponent to figure out your hand, than getting a bet over your head and not knowing how to play next.

Jon folds his A10 since it’s too expensive to call and he really can’t improve much (little did he know he was ahead, but that is something only we see at home), and it’s too risky to try and bluff here against two more opponents who clearly have something or can make a better hand. Terry calls with his A7, probably putting Jose on a draw or some kind of a pair, thinking catching the 6 will give him the winning hand or maybe even an ace or a 7 would do, if Jose is only sitting with a pair he made after the flop. It wouldn’t be a pair of 8s, since he bet after the flop, so it is either a draw or a small pair after the flop. River comes 5 of clubs. Jose bets half the pot which is a great bet, he must defend his hand, knowing a check would bring a bet from Terry, and now Terry has to decide if his ace high is enough, which means putting Jose on a bluff and a draw that he missed.

This is actually a tough decision and Terry needs to really read Jose correctly, which is not an easy thing to do in this situation, having just an ace high, not even a pair. Terry eventually calls, but we see he’s not 100% sure before he calls. He takes time to think, tries to analyze Jose’s hand according to his play during the hand, but then decides to risk it and call with only an ace high! Maybe because Jose called a raise pre-flop, he put him on bigger hands, face cards like king or queen and eventually missing the entire board. Maybe he thought if he had a real hand he would have tried the check-raise? All in all, this is a great hero call even if it was a gamble from Terry, seeing from the expressions on his face that he wasn’t sure about the hand, he just went for it.

I’m not sure how many players would have called in this situation, I think Jose played the hand very good, tried to show he has a hand throughout the entire hand, but just got the great ace high hero call from Terry. Another interesting fact is that the announcers said that Terry doesn’t fold hands. So, maybe it would have been wiser from Jose to forfeit the hand and not try to bluff a player who never or doesn’t tend to fold.

On the other hand, Jose did play well in this hand, had a lot of outs to win this hand, so giving up on the river after betting all the way is not the best move, so all in all, good play by Jose, better call from Terry who does not know the meaning of folding. Great hand, good play by Jose and an even greater call by Terry to win a nice pot altogether. Thank you for watching, we hope you enjoyed the hand as well as the analysis and would love to hear your own thoughts and insights about the hand, so please leave us a comment below and let’s open it up for discussion. For more interesting and entertaining videos, please like our videos, share, comment and subscribe to View on Poker channel.

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