ROES Sports and Events

And here we are in the Miller’s Sports and Event ordering software. Now to access this software, from the regular ROES program you install, go over here to the lower left hand corner of the ROES software. You’ll see there’s an area called Product Catalogs. Use that little pop-up menu, click on the Sports and Event option, and of course that allows you to load into the Sports and Event mode.

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Now over here, along the right hand side of the screen is where we can load our images into the software. To load your files, go over here to right hand side screen, all way at the bottom center there’ll be a button you can click on called Add Images. Click on that button, navigate to where your files are stored.

And of course, that allows you to load those files into the program for you in which to have available to you to place your order. Lets just go over here and order some basic print sizes here for our client. Let’s take this first image, just click on it, and then we’ll drag and drop the image. Notice how we have the blue border around the file itself, hold down your mouse button, drag and drop that image into the opening. And there we have its size for an 8″x10″. Now of course, we can move things around to get a better result here.

You’ll noticed in the image we have our hand tool. Hold down your mouse button, that virtually closes that hand. Grabs a hold of the image, and of course we can move that image down to give ourself a little more headroom. Now down at the very bottom center of the image, you’ll see there’s little tool bar that pops up. First of all, we have this slider. If you click on the slider, this allows me to zoom in, zoom out here.

So I get the exact crop that I want for my client’s portrait. And of course, we also have the other tools. We have some arrows one pointing left, one pointing right to Rotate our images clockwise, counter-clockwise. You’ll also notice there is a little triangle there for us as well.

Click on that little triangle on the far right hand side, that opens up a Fine Rotation control. So if you need to rotate this maybe just a little bit, you can use the Fine Rotation control to do that for you. Now once I have my print size cropped and looking as I want it to appear, we can go over here to the very bottom center.

We have our quantity, type in the quantity of this print that you want. We can go over here to the Add to Cart, and of course that will add that item, that 8″x10″ to our cart for us. Clears off the screen. Let’s go over here now to perhaps a 5″x7″. Click on a 5″x7″ take the same image, we’ll drag and drop it into our opening here for us. Again, I just start that process all over again.

Click on the image, we have the blue box around the file. Zoom In, move my image down (into the image as I want it to appear), and they’re now we have our 5″x7″. Lets order two of these.

Quantity of two, and then Add to Cart. So now I just ordered two 5″x7″. Let’s go over here to one more option, lets order a couple 4″x5″. Click on the 4″x5″ option. Lets say we’ll go over here and drag that image in there. Now with this image, lets say up to this point I’ve ordered my photographs that I want.

I can go here and crop the image as I want to appear for each print size and placing my clients order here for us. But I also want to add some image options. Go over here to the options in the lower left hand corner, there are size options, and of course at this point, there’s also image options.

Click on the image options, and you’ll see what we can also add to this client’s image is the ability to have this image Basic Retouched. Now Basic Retouching is retouching in which we are removing blemishes and really cleaning up an image here for us. So if you need that, your clients want that, here is certainly a great little option for you.

Now I’m adding it to just this image. Keep in mind that also applies to the entire image, everything we’ve ordered off that image as well. Now let’s go up here to the upper left hand corner, and let’s order some specially items for our client as well.

Click on the Specialty Items option, and you’ll see there’s a number of different things we can choose. First of all, we have several collections you can work with. We have what we call an Old School Collection, we have the Classic Collection (which is what’s selected right now). We also have a Flex Collection, and then of course we also have some very General Templates you can use as well. Lets just work with the Classic Collection for the time being.

You’ll see that we have all the different sports you can order with the Classic Collection. Lets just stay with Baseball since that is the images we’re working with. Say we want to order a Baseball Magazine Cover, go over here to the Baseball Magazine Cover option, click on that, drag that image into this for our client.

You’ll see the image node as it is populated with his photograph. And of course, as before the 8″x10″, the 5″x7″, and 4″x5″ we just ordered we can change a crop on this, as well. Maybe on this one, I want to even go a little tighter.

Maybe something like that perhaps. Well that allows me to do that here, exactly what I want. Now you’ll also notice there is a field for the subject’s name, click on that. We’ll go over here and type in his name, lets just call this young man: Todd Wilson. And there’s his name, Add to Cart.

Let’s say we also want to order maybe a few more options. Baseball Memory Mate, which we have an individual shot, plus also an image of the team. So I have my player’s image in there. Again, I can crop it how I want to appear here for us. And drag in the group shot into the opening. And again, as before, I can change the Zoom level on this.

I can crop this in, so when this is printed this is exactly what that team image will look like for us in that photograph. Again, we have text here as well. First of all, lets put in our players name, again, Todd Wilson.

Let’s say that he is playing Short Stop, so I’ll put in his position here. Type in Short Stop, help if I spelled it right wouldn’t it. There we go Short Stop, and lets also put in his jersey number. Lets say he is number eleven.

So some neat tools, some neat possibilities you can create for your clients. So let’s add that to our cart, and we have a Memory Mate here for us, with a Magazine Cover for our clients order. Lets look at one more option. Let’s go over here to a Double-Sided Trader Card; a very popular option.

Baseball, Double-Sided Trader. Lets take that same young man’s image, we’ll take and drop it in there for us. We need to rotate it again. We showed you some of those little tools. One of those options is to rotate it in 90 degree increments.

Lets rotate this to the right here for us. There it is, we’ll move this down, and there we have the image as it will appear in the final result for our client’s Trader Card. Now, again, we can go here and type in other information. Lets say we type in the Team Name. We’ll type in a Team Name as what’s on his jersey of course, White Sox. Again make sure you type this in correctly.

Notice how I capitalized that H. Whatever you type in here, that’s what will be printed here for you. We have the ability to include the players Age. We also have the option to modify any these fields.

Let’s say instead of the Age, the coaching staff, the league has decided let’s put their Batting Average on their Trader Card here for them. Not a problem, we can do that. There we go, Batting Average. And then, of course, the next field we’ll type in will be requesting that players Batting Average. Lets say he’s batting .325 this year.

And there now, we’ve customized the back of our Trader Card for our player. A few more things we can do. Lets go over here and lets include his jersey number, he’s jersey number eleven. And his name, lets type in his name here again as being Todd Wilson. Now one thing you you want to note, is on the front we have this image node.

We have another image node on the back of the Trader Card as well. So you can take the same image, drop it into the back here for you. And again, we’ll rotate that around, so it has the correct orientation, there we go. Move this down a little bit perhaps. And there we have the player’s image on the back of our Trader Card as well. Let’s say instead of the same image, I want something else on the back of our Trader Card.

Let’s go over here to one of the Red Sox players. Let’s take one of their images, and we’ll just drop it on to the background here as a demonstration we can have a different image on the back of our Trader Card than what we have on the front. Of course, it gives you that option to modify it, to change it here for you. So you can really get customized for your client’s orders.

Alright, now as before, since now we have two different images, we can also order image retouching on those two files here for us as well. So some neat things we can do. Click on Add to Cart.

Let’s take a look at the Flex Collection. With the Flex Collection, this allows me to kind of mix things up. Instead of just staying with one collection, add a different collection for this product, or that product anytime I want to. So, I’m not limited to just one collection. I can mix things around and really do whatever I need to. Let’s go over here to Baseball Photo Button.

Same idea, we’ll take the subject’s photograph, we’ll click on it, we’ll drag it into that opening, crop it here for us, change what we want, and also go over here and type in our player’s name. And, there we go; customized ready to go. Again, Add to Cart.

Let’s go to the Shopping Cart. Upper right hand corner is a Shopping Cart option, click on the Shopping Cart. Brings up the field of what we’ve ordered for our client. Here’s our 8″x10″, our 5″x7″, our set of 4″x5″, Trader Cards.

Of course, we also have our Baseball Button we just created here for our client. Again, all the fields here indicate what we input, and everything that will be printed on your clients order. Our quantity, if we need to change our quantity. Let’s say instead of two 4″x5″, I need four 4″x5″.

I’ll go over here and change the quantity from one to two and, of course, that allows me to receive two sets of 4″x5″ rather than just one. So I can change the quantities here on the fly. Lets say I want to modify something, I want to add something, want to edit something. I can click on the Edit button, that allows me to go back into the field we were just in to modify, or to change my order here for my client.

So it gives me those options, gives me that flexibility to work with. If we decide the client’s not going to order this, let’s go over here to the Baseball Button. Click on the Remove option, click on Remove, click on that a second time, and of course that removes that item, that product from your client’s order. Along the upper right hand side of this screen, there is a $15 minimum order for your Sports and Event orders. So, if you order this make sure you are meeting the $15 minimum order. Order Description, you’ll need to type in a name for your order.

Type in the Order Description, we’ll type in the client’s name. We’ll just call this Baseball. If you want is to be rushed through, we can certainly do that for you. It is 100% increase to the cost of the price. If you’d like to create a sample order which you can take to the league office for demonstration, make sure you let us know this is for a sample order. Click here, and of course, we’ll discount these for you at 25%.

Color Correction, by default your files will be color corrected for you. Unless you tell us otherwise to Do Not Color Correct, we’ll color correct every file here for you to get the best possible end result for your client. Next section is dealing with our Packaging. One of the options you have is to do a Package Individually. We take each player’s photographs, we place them into a window envelope. When it comes time to deliver the finished product to your client, its very simple, very easy.

There’s a small additional cost for that service, 10% extra of the entire order. Or, of course, you can go over here to the Package Individually. We’ll also take those Trader Cards, those Bag Tags, those things maybe a little more bulkier, that may have a potential to damage it for you.

We’ll package them up so it makes for a very simple way in which to, again, deliver them to your client simply and very, very easily. We can also die cut your wallets, additional cost for that. Finishing, we can put a a lustre coating, we can have a texture applied to it, we can mount your large photographs. If you like to, you can even have it printed on the Kodak Metallic Paper.

Default paper is a Kodak E-surface Endura paper. If you’ve seen the metallic, it has a high gloss sheen to it, a pearlescent look to the file, gives it a nice result here for you. So that’s metallic paper. If you’d like for us to ship this on directly to the league office, or to the coach, or some other location you want to specify, we can certainly do that. Click on the Drop Shipping option.

Include the Name, Address, City, State, and Zip to where it is to be delivered to. There is additional cost is $6 for the Drop Ship option. When you type in that address, make sure you include a street, or a physical address. Of course, as you might guess, no CODs for Drop Shipping directly to your client. Couple more things: Memory Mates you can do a large Memory Mate, a small Memory Mate either vertical or horizontal. If you’d like to customize maybe one these, maybe your working with a championship team, or an all-star team; you want to set them apart from the rest your clients.

Go over here to the Memory Mate option. At that point, you can have special text imprinted onto the Memory Mate for you; either a gold or a silver foil, an Arial or Park Avenue font. Type in your line of text. Once we have our order finished, everything is checked out, we have everything ordered that we want, exactly as we want, go over here to the Checkout option. This allows you to send the order directly into us. Or, if you prefer, you can also save the order for later.

Lets say we want to come back here later on pickup, resume, and finish the order at a later date, come over here and click on Save for Later. That allows you to save the order, you can pick up on it later on, and of course, finish the order for your client. Let’s take a look, once we have the order ready to be uploaded, ready to be sent to the lab, click on the Uploads option. Of course, here we have a couple orders that I’ve put together in previous webinars, in which we have the order ready to be uploaded. As you’ll see we can print a report of what we have ordered, so we can have a hard copy of everything we’ve order for our client.

We can just send each order individually. We can send all orders at once by clicking on the Send All here along the right hand side of the screen. Or, my personal favorite, is to set up a time in which we want the orders to be uploaded to the lab to start that process. We can cue up the orders, go over here to the right hand side of the screen. We have a Send All Orders At, click on that option. Specify the time, its going to take care of it for you automatically.

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