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  • A healthy balance for beginners

    Most beginners just start playing randomly and don’t bother studying the theoretical aspects of poker. Those are the people who are not very likely to ever get very far. On the other end of the spectrum you have those who read tons of books and barely play a hand. That isn’t good either.

    If you do not work on improving your game and getting the casino sign up deals, you’ll always stay a losing player or a player who is unable to go beyond the micro stakes. If you study too much without putting it into practice you will absorb too much info to be able to know which theory to use in which situation.

    It is best to find a healthy balance. You could for example go through the basic articles, which are quite short and explain easy to understand concepts, and then play a few thousand hands, posting problematic hands to the hand judges at the end of the day. You can then move on to the first 3-5 bronze articles after which you play another few thousand hands etc. Make sure to mix in the Crushing NL50 series by Hasenbraten quite early as that series is an excellent series for beginners.

    Do not educate and/or scare away the bad players!

    This has been said a few times already, but it is imperative to keep your cool when a bad opponent gets lucky in a hand against you. Keep an eye on your opponents.
    While you might have lost money that one hand you will want to keep playing against that opponent in the long run.

    Bad players (commonly referred to as fish) will leave the game if they are constantly yelled at. They might get better if you explain to them why they won money due to luck and not due to skill. This is called “feeding the fish” and should be avoided at all costs. Be friendly to the fish and compliment them when they win every once in a while. You want to be the friendly guy they want to play against.

    Master the basics of casino sign up deals but do not turn into a robot!

    Earlier on this page the importance of sticking to the standard way of playing as a beginner was explained. You should always remember why you do what you do though. That way you can start recognising situations where shifting from the standard way of playing can be profitable.

  • Don’t overvalue draws

    Learn how to play draws properly, don’t just call any amount with them. There is usually more chance that your draw will miss than it will hit. That doesn’t mean you can’t call bets with them, especially since chances are you’ll get additional money if you do hit, but most beginners greatly overplay their draws.

    Study the odds of hitting your draws and the other factors in play to decide if continuing with a draw is profitable. Remember that you can also play aggressively with draws when the situation allows for it. It is bad to always play draws passively. It is even worse to start playing them aggressively against a calling station though, so think before you act.

    The basics are the strategy articles and the hand judging forums. You learn the basics from the articles and use it while you play. You can then present hands you found problematic to a professional hand judge, free of charge, who will comment on it in order to improve your game further and clarify problematic areas in the theory.

    Extra material exists in the form of videos made by professionals and coachings in which coaches play and you can watch. You will be provided with a thorough explanation of why certain actions are made, allowing you to get into the head of higher level players. You can also ask questions during coachings to clarify things further. All of these tools are invaluable in taking your game to the next level.

    There is a saying that says that even when you are the 10th best poker player on the world you will still lose money when you go and play with the 9 best. This saying holds true on every level. You have weaker and stronger opponents on every level. Don’t let ego stop you from leaving a table when the opposition is particularly tough and keep actively looking for tables with the most fish. This practice is called table selection.

    Please note that the opposite is also possible. Some players keep on losing and blame it all on bad luck. If you decide to bluff, bluff properly. If you keep losing over a longer period of time there are definitely problems with your game. Keep working on improving your game and on getting rid of the problematic areas in your game, the so called leaks.Keep your ego off the tables and hunt down bad players.