The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners VR Review

Top of the morning to you laddies, my name is jacksepticeye and welcome to the walking dead saints and sinners in VR. It’S a VR zombie game that came out not that long ago, and I’ve been really excited to play it because there’s like actually fighting zombies in VR is a really cool idea. The there show like grabbing their head, stabbing them, and things like that. So I want to try it out new game.

I’M ready, I’m ready just another survivor. There we go now. One will do just another survivor: hey hey sure I just wan na kill some the zombie what anything other than getting those sweet brains – oh Jesus, oh god, I’m scared, juju, high-intensity combat and evening the oculus button. Long press is highly recommended. You could. I didn’t get to read your motherfucker before entering the world’s Walking Dead.

You need to learn the gameplay basics, got it out out out. Oh wow, this one got add this one got a blue key. What can I shoot?

Oh yes, oh I can’t wait to stick. Somebody with this – oh, my god, I actually have to wrap bad Jesus around my arm to heal. That’S awesome! Oh I got a weird finger going on wiggle wiggle wormy finger is a friendly ward, one no soul to go dead. Maybe the only thing to be fear in the Big Easy.

Oh, what the hell do. I get help from your good skin Jesus you, okay, he’s dead, dead bodies everywhere in my tea spouting their own ideals. This is so cool folks who don’t beat? Oh hi, you guys want to be friends. Oh oh, never mind! I don’t want to be friends anymore, bye, Oh scary, I’m all alone, friends.

Okay, I have my backpack to have. Oh, I don’t have a knife. Have a flashlight, though you charged up by shaking to jerk off your flashlight, okay, okay! This is fine. This is fine.

It’S just a little spooky. This is so cool, ah warm by the fire task. Edits journal. Okay.

What are we doing? Ooh? First, I stays there.

An old man named Henry lives in this grave here told me to meet him here. If I help him find the reserve, he split the subways at me. Excellent, let’s go find hello hold on atatürk delight. Oh, this is really spooky. I’M Jackie boy, I’m here to make friends and kick ass, not in any particular order. Nathan, ed name died doing what he loved, always up till they’re, always up till the last drink.

Now you shall drink the wine with the Lord now you’re dead, dude, okay! Oh, I want this. Hmm. Are you alive, huh, it’s a zombie.

Are they ever really alive? Huh, you got ta, I’m saying gamers just to make sure that gun yep gout you alive. What’S up, oh man, this is fucking great holy shit. Oh the coffin. It is open, is direct, you’ll, wonder about hey.

Are you gon na be alive? Hello. Excuse me. I hear voices me there. We go good me, hello.

Have it just I’m just making sure spot check? Okay, let’s pretend there I’m trying to. Are there we go okay?

I have oh my friend, I have my stabber ready. Oh I’m uh. I’M a mess him up. I dude you want die.

Oh yes, that was so cool. Here’S think the school requires a broad range of motion. It does not require an extremely fast movement. Okay, you got it say your way of saying that I’m doing it wrong a patrol had a scrape with a couple of reclaimed in Old Town yesterday, Syrus got messed up pretty bad, but the savages paid the price one of the corpses had this drawing on it.

Look familiar doesn’t bode well if that little shit and her traitor mother, working with her claim to locate the reserve time, is not on our side, nope, no more fucking around. We prioritize that capture. Can we get that key back?

I don’t want mama to worry so keep this between us for now. Okay, be cautious, but aggressive. We stir the herd at 1700.

Keep on the hunt till the last minute got it. The tower will always stand so I need you send him with the statue and the light. What thank you, what light throws it? The questions? It’S okay!

I got my trusty screwdriver here. Just call me, mr screw. This is really damn legitimate. So far this is really cool. Are you?

Are you a walking dead or a sitting dead, you’re also dead, but in a different way that a Firefly? I thought it was like a tutorial or something alright: okay, Shh sneaky sneaky gamers. You know how it be. Ah, sorry, why am i apologizing you deserve that? Oh, oh, you need to go to the dentist, but you can’t know cuz you’re dead, okay, sneaky!

Doesn’T how much your ability do? I got in this half a star. That’S bad! Wait! You have something in your head that I can steal.

I could have afraid to go near anything hello, book book, okay, they’re, all dead. Are you all dead and when I say are you all dead? I mean like dead day like good for dead whoa. Your life. Do this go ahead?

Please there you go book, you, okay! You still got one good eye. This was infected. You all right. What do you want?

Henry my friend very relaxed? It’S me what happened to you. Nowe came down on me same time. Slaughter.

I kept my mouth shut. He didn’t get shit. I’D already knit. Do me a solid, the bus.

Oh my god, Wayne. Don’T let it go to waste. I’M begging!

You, okay, help the kid my mom Vicki still stands. They get mine. I understand they’re, the only ones who deserve it. Okay, the rest drowned the motherfuckers. Oh you got it Henry uh. Who is she the rest who the fuck all the rest?

Who did this to you? So long waterfall, you got a nice beard. Honey. Oh, oh, wait! Zombie game: oh oh Henry Henry Henry ah got it die, missed Henry, I’m sorry, hey!

It has to be done. Henry you have to understand. There’S no other way: Oh poke it that better Henry could you eat it. Tickle tickle well, he’s dead. I just killed my friend and lost my screwdriver.

That’S good! You got another one. No, I don’t even got a screwdriver around hello, I’m in dire need of some help, hey man! This is beautiful, I’m so glad a game like this exists.

This is legitimately spooky. This all mine holy crap, yes arrows, who bow and arrow yes, oh, I can’t wait. Where’S the boat, okay, some boxes of ammo those are gon na, come in handy. What are these three revolvers me and pistol tower for too dangerous? These all the things we have. I want oh, I call Shotgun huh.

Maybe these are like achievements and stuff. Oh wait! There’S there should be, there’s not a note on it. Whatever upgrade your station to unlock the next recipe craft, new gear and items with white recipes, blue recipes are permanent upgrades or not green recipes by discovering special recipes that are hidden in the world that I say the word recipe is enough.

I think so. That’S gon na do the boss to drive away. Let’S never come back here, oh good, for Jack. I don’t wait. Yes good night.

Yes, oh my god. That’S such a fun detail. I can’t go out like an oblate ha Pammy bullets.

I got full cool, let spook it awesome. I got myself a knife. What is this? Okay, I had an inkling and by god I was spotting, the reserve it’s out there.

This exists. This John I found proves still so much work to be done. Sometimes I got ta be overturned riddles.

I need solvent water. Foie gras and frequency 61 has to be connected to the reserves. Somehow, okay commanding control, I’m guessing that’s the next step.

If I can get this blasted radio repair or if someone is still inside as soon as my ankle feels steady, got, ta take the skiff to that mansion in the Garden District. When Niles and I recorded the Gypsy blue record, the blue palace, it’s my best shot at finding a microphone for the radio towers covered with the bus battery just got connected. Antenna 2 got encryption covered, can’t afford, and the eavesdroppers haven’t slept in three days. These creaky bones are rattling with excitement.

You talk a lot. What I’m infected the reserve is real food meds weapons. This is cool all right. What do I do if you hear the bells? One got it I’m guessing. I got a head back out and this is where I keep weapons.

This is er, I keep items, this is right, throw away stuff and you can’t venture out at night drink from the flask asleep until morning. Meat just knock yourself out, get drunk on whiskey and then you’re good to go early morning available supplies have dwindled, the dead have grown in number. Oh, don’t you worry about the day?

Let me worry about your date. I’Ll kill him. I didn’t get a bow, though. Can I have a bow? I really want one also. I don’t know what that other little item I picked up was and now it’s gone.

It was like a stick thing there ooh. Oh, I can carry a ton of stuff. Like 27 slots, okay, this is where I just keep items got it. Okay, I’m starting to learn it a little bit.

Try to figure out. What’S going on, okay, hi tonight, that’s fun! What is this hello? Hi? Okay, I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing. I’M contacting somebody on your contacting the dead.

Can you can you do that? Okay, whatever I don’t know what that’s for eat food to restore max stamina, I don’t think I need that right now doing what you do. My back cuz, you better sin to restore max up, put it in my back alright, so I’m here I can go down here and into this thing. I don’t know what this thing right here is, but I can head down this way. Man, I love. How involved this is the fact that I actually have to pick up stuff and walk around and my flashlight.

It was a bow here right, all right, moving up. Where are we heading to next these dams around, because it really gives like this sense of presence, like I actually feel like I’m here, seeing stuff all up there being in an actual zombie apocalypse? This is a really well-made video game. So far, I really like this. We’Ve been missing like fully immersive games like this, instead of just sitting around and shooting waves of enemies, all the time actually being in this world and exploring it having to take out a map and like craft, my own gear and all that stuff. This is fucking.

Brilliant in we go, I want to go to the shallows ding-ding off we go. Alright. These environments are really well made. Sorry, I’m gushing all over this game because I honestly the walking dead games have had a really troubled past. So to see one be so lovingly created is awesome, and these visuals are great in VR adds so much more.

I need wood. Please items over your left. Solid quick session – ah nice just pick up everything I can throw stuff away later.

It’S also weird to be in this place. Oh hi friend, please, okay friend, to be in this environment is super bizarre. Cuz I’ve been to New Orleans now sorry, New Orleans and I’ve been to like the French Quarter and stuff and to see their buildings from there is really damn cool too. The lighting is super nice. This feels like I’m in, like the last of us right now.

Over here be careful: what’s that a husband he’s turned, he begged me not to let it happen, wasn’t arms, but I just couldn’t what did you gain threatening me like this? Sorry, sorry, I didn’t know that that was a feature. I’M sorry, my husband he’s turn continued. You begged me not to let it happen, but I just couldn’t pull the trigger. He was all I had left, but I failed him, I’m so ashamed I’ll be ashamed. Would you be willing to help me out?

I just can’t to do it. I need someone else in this nightmare. Hmm pull the trigger. Are you saying I might be able to help you um I’ll help? I will put him to rest.

You will yeah. Thank you so kind lead the way. Take this key, I’m not threatening you Jesus. I can focus now. Sorry, I’m glad you’re back. Thank you so kind.

I didn’t go anywhere here. Take this key. I locked Ruben in the room second floor of the blue mansion just up the street. I noticed your watch looks like you’ve got the along.

That’S sync! With the chiming bells that rile up the walkers everyday yeah, smart don’t want to be caught out in the open when this place is overrun by the dead. Sorry, I can’t listen right now, sorry, fun being about you’re, not being a bother. I just really like video game and I want to play more of it. Bye bye have fun, wait!

Sorry about that. It’S retarded there you go! Thank you!

No problem! There you go Peppa, bye, I’m gone again, okay, so blue mansion second floor. I could use the key to get in ooh. I know I said it feels like I’m in the Last of Us right now and everyone would be like, or you mean the walking dead, but no.

This feels like some of the environments from the Last of Us that I was playing in and to be in a VR version of this. This is fucking intense. I love this. This might be one of my favorite ooh.

This could end up becoming one of my favourite VR games ever if this atmosphere keeps up okay, get everything I hear zombies who want to go see it see how fast I am the quickest draw in the West. Okay, I see you come on in. Oh, oh yeah, that’s nice! Isn’T it ma the kiss of death all right?

Let’S sneaky-sneak see this. You want to go. I call this one that helicopter all right. This is so much fucking fun.

There’S many more zombies like right here. I also don’t know. What’S? Okay, good big, I also don’t know, what’s interactable fully yet if I can like open up bins and things and find stuff inside them. Oh you don’t see me I’m hidden. I am secret.

I am the knight okay, you see me, but oh right in the kisser woo back my knife, yet dirty stop that top of the morning to you all. We go through yoli’s, going through the streets. Looking for people to kill me and my knife, we’re gon na kill, everybody, maybe is it traitor.

Maybe noir is a liar and it even she will say, undo anything to further her own selfish agenda. Okay, do not be fooled; she will not help maybewe got it. I considered her family treated her as if she were my own flesh and blood.

That’S the same picture, yet she did not hesitate to betray me. Oh, she tried to turn my dearest and most loyal. Okay, that’s great nice to me! Oh, I don’t know is no bomb I can’t escape. She is desperate. Dude, look: sweet Commodore 64: it’s played Terminator 2 game on this huh, okay, so blue Mansion second floor.

I do have a key to get in, but I think I can actually use this gutter as well for sale, MIDI, controller microphone here, boo mansion Wow. I would actually like that very much. Okay, let’s claim this. Oh yes, this is so awesome.

Oh yeah! I have a grip amount for my stamina dude. This is so cool now get in. Can you, oh god, damn it get in the window? There we go there we go. I had to pull myself up.

Raggedly, okay, you got a spoon. I could kill some people with a spoon. Ooh screwdriver, that’s actually very honey.

What else we got well, I could actually have to search everything. Okay, joke. I can think of. If you use this okay, cool ooh, okay, okay, okay, ow God, the biggest enemy was the cupboards.

Taking my hands get get out. Was this a it’s very dark? I can’t see anything. Did I drop it in there or out here how’s this matches?

Okay, I could use some matches cigarettes. I’M gon na take the cigarettes just in case. I need to you know, bribe somebody all right. How do we got going on?

Don’T don’t touch that that’s the secret trippy alarm headset! No, I need that is junk bullets, though I can definitely do with aa teeny tiny little Bible for the Lord inside. Here is all the ways done. I need a Bible matches.

Yes, oh yeah, does it work, it does work awesome? Is this the room nope, the backpack hello? Oh my god! This is so scary you having to go through the house. This actually feels tense holy shit.

I feel like. I actually have to be really careful hello. Anybody in here, oh god, you’re dead right. I don’t know because you look normal normal, oh okay, okay, you’re sleeping got it. Oh door opens the other way. Okay, that’s embarrassing!

Sorry, so this is the door the room with her or a person in it. What was that? Oh there’s the somme right there, hello! Okay, can I actually pull these down? I don’t think so.

Razor blades! Yes, how much space do I have? Oh god, only a five thing: a five holes left.

Okay, I want to go do this before I go any further into the house – god it’s late sucks as soon as you’re close to anything it’s like! Ah god I can’t see, did I do it? Okay, get this knife ready, big boy, bolts, big boy balls?

Oh God, Jesus hello, wait. I should be quite oh. This is scary, mr man, are you? Are you the guy? Okay you’re, the guy?

Alright, here we go here we go here. We go got it ah. Give me back my knife, yeah fucking stinky. I mean. Oh no tragedy, my dearest Korean.

I lied to you. I am sorry I had to spare you. I lost hope.

Our children died by my hand. I had to set them free to protect them from a fate worse than death. I know you will never be able to forgive me, but maybe one day you will understand that I had no choice. They did not suffer. Take comfort. In that I love Ruben.

You killed your kids, Oh No holy shit, Ruben dirty bastard! Oh there’s, two of them. Oh, that’s sad. That’S also some really fucking great storytelling, but this is my boomstick.

I’M off fuck some people up with this. Okay, just you guys watch. Where can I can I put this? I might hell yeah, aside of my backpack, got it, it doesn’t, do anything all right. There’S a Holy Bible downstairs.

Oh, if you guys want it, it might help your passing. It’S tiny though, so I don’t know if it’ll work for two people. What’S this? Oh his wedding ring. Oh that’s sad.

Does she know that the kids are dead, a Twinkie eat the Twinkie come on? Twinkies are the kind of nasty all right, so I can probably kill some of these guys, but I also have to go that way. I don’t know which way is out of the house. Oh oh, you didn’t hear that. Did you he’s gon na come from me?

Aren’T you okay? Well, here I go killing again there you go man. I am a natural at this uh-oh.

Okay. Halfway done, I like that mechanic as well, actually that you have to be indoors by a certain time or else shits gon na go down, no, not the flat factor flashlight. Oh my god. This is so fucking awesome dude.

Why is no one talking about this game? Oh, that’s not gon na help shit, I’m full. Okay. Only essentials are you dead, hey, Brooke?

Okay, they did scary, oh god. I didn’t be hard. The fact that you can actually like lead around corners and see Oh creepy, Oh Peppa. What are you doing in zombie game?

Hey, you had died well, you’re already dead. Oh Jesus, let’s die in a second time. Huh here you go come here. Oh yes, a new knife! Do you good durability? Let’S use you to kill some fuckers.

Shall we hello? Oh, your your mega dead. What is this tape? Medicine tape, damn shit now, I’m gon na have to pick and choose things.

Let’S take the medicine today. Take it so increase my max HP. I don’t know.

Thank you. What was that bonesy? Did you see anything? Go check it out a Twinkie, oh yeah, okay, I thought that was somebody biting a window. This games got so much atmosphere. Was this film goodnight?

I’M full? I don’t think I have a projector for it anyway. Okay, nice room, big doors. This must been a fancy person’s house. Okay, maybe I should just head back to Karine.

Was that her name? It would also be interesting if the game had like voice recognition that I actually had to be quiet for the zombies. This is this is where I actually upload the video and everyone’s like Jack. It does have that you, let me get up barbecue.

You got a worm in your head, that’s disgusting! Oh who did that I’m heading out. That’S enough! Splore in for today, in there my knife ready, are you dead, like dead, dead, super dead, double dead, don’t mess with me. I think you it’s getting jerrick, I’m just going to go back to Kareem and finish her mission.

Oh, my god, there’s so many dead bodies buried out here. Oh that’s cool! I love that. I love like storytelling through the environments, I’m waiting for some zombie underground to just get up and attack me eventually, hello, okay, this is where I came in, so I can just go back this way, so desolate so empty.

Wait! No! Okay want! I got 15 minutes left.

Oh hi, a death now is saving myself later. Ah God your eyeball, you gross, and she was over this way. I think I know god I actually have to pay attention to where I’m going, I’m all turned around um. Actually, no, oh, wait!

No she’s back down there. I remember these. They flag things in the air. Look at that! This is phenomenal.

I am shocked by how good this game is I’m having the fucking time of my life playing is. This is what VR games should be. Is this level of immersion stuff in the backgrounds real sense of scale of buildings like these? You can’t see the scale, of course, because you’re watching it if, where you are on a 2d screen, but let me just tell you that the scale of the buildings like they feel like buildings, I feel like I’m here, I feel like I’m walking around the lighting Is so realistic?

Looking the textures, of course, are not like super high quality. If they were, it would sell the realism 10 times more but, like I feel like I’m actually here, I feel like I’m interacting with this environment. Fucking awesome. This is about as close to pee in the walking dead, as you can probably get hi Kareem. Sorry, I’m going over the game.

Yeah! Oh you want to take my head. Oh, you want the ring got it, but, as you were trying to take my hand there Kareem silly me there you go, I recovered the ring. I’M sorry you! This means the world. To me.

This is your husband’s blood. Amazing father was he uh. He killed her children. There is not a delicate way to put it. Your husband killed your kids.

What the fuck is wrong with you. Why would you say that to me I said everything I’ve been through. What fucking proof do you have huh show me proof.

I am so sorry wait. It can be retrieved from the notes time in your journal. Okay notes, it’s our reserve mate right. Ruben’S confession! Oh damn that’s cool! I found this note.

I’M sorry I see please leave me be take the fucking code to the safe. I don’t care code safe what eight four eight five hidden in the blue palace: hey thanks! Pretty mama! I’M sorry about your kids huh, I’m about to head out time to head back to my safe place.

You’Re welcome to come! If you want just follow me into the boat great come on, come on, it’s free! It’S easy!

You just got to go through a lot of dead bodies, though you don’t like that buddies. Well, your loss, because you’re just gon na stay here, then ah grave here, sweet graveyard, it’s good to be back honey, I’m trash, oh man, so spooky. This is what I’ve always wanted: a spooky death palace just for me. Alright, I think I can craft or do or whatever I don’t know.

I don’t know how this works. What are you saying? Food restores max diamond of a ruttin food lowers max health. Medicine restores max health, bandages essaouira health. Okay, how do I use scrap materials to craft, higher-quality food? Ah, okay, ooh, a bow!

Alright, Oh level. Three would scrap 0/24 adhesives. Okay, so where do I put like I have? Would they put it here? I don’t know these companies.

Where do we put it here? Eat eat the wood, so I can track these fucking in journal, okay right. Ah so it has to be the first one and track got it.

So, a new Trish, a new tree su and point 30 revolver. Alright – and this is to craft a better Shiv nice, okay got it heretic darkness. I can’t read him too busy surviving zombies. Oh wait! Maybe if I eat what does this ooh salvaging items for scrap materials by dropping them in the bed yeah? This is what I’m talking about.

If I, this is how I put them in got it. Can I’m a scrap things? Vodka bottle?

Why not cigarettes? Why not matches? Do I need to start fires broken shotgun, yeah, okay. I will be here for a while.

Ah now I can build this one upgrade. Yes, I could build sterile, bandages fuck yeah, oh nice. So how do we get? The laminated bow have to get two and three no wait.

What does easy takes care of bigger wounds? Adhesive signs, one health was 40. Okay. I’M trying to figure out if it gives me like max health or something alright. Could I build any of these then yes, boom baby new revolt got it and you can put this in here cool.

I don’t have this yet nice, okay figured it out. That’S pretty! Damn cool, I like that, a lot I like that, I oh, and this one build. Oh, I ran out of adhesives. I like did. I actually have to build my own items and I don’t just go to a bank should be like.

Okay click click. It’S all done like I actually have to involve myself in the world. I actually have to participate.

I have to touch all the things and track everything. That’S really damn cool, let’s put a gun away and put a shotgun away. Cuz, let’s face it.

I don’t think I’m gon na need it all that time soon, I’m just gon na drink myself, silly a fall asleep! Oh forget the troubles of the day. Alright!

Well, I’m gon na leave this episode of The Walking Dead here, my god that is easily one of my favourite VR games. I’Ve ever played that was brilliant. It didn’t even do all that much. I just kind of like walked around to kill a few zombies and interacted with a few things, but it’s the physicality error of everything. It’S the presence, the fact that they have to interact with everything every bottle is a pickup.

It’S not like glowing giant items in the scenery and I go over and I just click a button, and it’s all done for me like I have to pick it up. I have to take out my backpack put it in that’s what VR should be. That’S. Why everyone’s always taught a thought about when it comes to VR is actually interacting with all of the environment, picking up all the items, it’s like grabbing a zombie’s head and stabbing it. It’S so fucking good.

I love this game. I cannot wait to play more of it. I’M hopefully gon na finish the entire thing. I hope you guys like it well, oh man.

I could coach about this all day, but I’m gon na leave it here. Thank you guys for watching it. If you liked it don’t forget to leave a big old fat like on the video and subscribe as well to stay in touch with the rest of this series and be informed whenever I’m going to upload the next episode. But until then I will leave this episode here.

Bye, bye, standing for this long hurts your legs.

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